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How Far We’ve Come with Linux – Part 1

Last week my wife’s laptop started dying; for the record, it still is. In the interest of full disclosure, I love Linux. I don’t have a computer in this house running windows natively, though I do use windows on a virtual box to run Photoshop CS4  and Adobe Camera Raw. I also have countless virtual machines of windows (and other linux distros) for testing purposes–as a consultant I work a lot with windows, but it’s not the OS for me. I’m not a apple fanboy either, I’m a red hat guy: servers run CentOS, desktops run Fedora.

My wife doesn’t mind Fedora, but she’s switched to Ubuntu for the last few years on her laptop. She’s an English teacher at a state college and uses Linux and Open office, how great is that? How many College English teachers do you know that accept papers in Open Document format? Oh and the other day when I was watching the trailers for the new Halo 3 ODST, she may have been more excited then I was. I think we’ll end up playing ALL of the other Halo games through again before ODST comes out. For those of you who were wondering, no, my wife playing Halo has nothing to do with any of this… My wife chooses to use Linux and Open Office, she LOVES Halo… Just wanted you to know how lucky I am. If you were in my shoes wouldn’t you tell everyone?

Anyway, her part time job is online tutoring. So when her laptop started dying I needed to get her a desktop up and running as a backup. She had the choice between two computers I also gave her the choice of Windows XP, Ubuntu or Fedora and assuming she chose Linux the choice between Gnome and KDE. Continue reading »

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Straight No Chaser: Youtube giveth, Warner taketh away.

Many of you will remember last years Christmas music sensation brought to you via Youtube. The group “Straight No Chaser” was an male acapela group originally founded in 1996 at Indiana University, ten years later Indiana Univeristy invited the original members got back together for a reunion concert. One of the group’s founders compiled old concert video into a DVD and posted some of the footage on youtube for friends.

Here’s the beauty of the internet… They didn’t promote it. Word just spread around and in December 2007 the Youtube video of Straight No Chaser Singing 12 Days of Christmas went…  hmm, where does a youtube single go? I guess you could classify it as multi-platinum. I recall showing the video to family members while visiting before christmas, when the youtube video had a mere three million views. I know it made almost eight million views by christmas. Continue reading »

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