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Project: Thus Untitled…

I have a new project that I’m about to start. I’m not going to title it yet – as with many of my photo projects, the scope is evolving as I start scheduling and putting plans on paper.

Over the next couple months I need to assemble quite a cast for a photo project in Boise, about Boise. The project focuses on artists, it makes an attempt to showcase them and their work in an interesting perspective. I won’t go into all the details until I have a few of the shots completed and have a better vision of where this road leads, but I’m sure it’s going to be great. We’ll starting shooting the second week of October with people I’ve already contacted and scheduled- I’m starting with the easier locations and saving really tough ones for late in the project, once me and the project has some momentum. If you’re at least mildly interested in being a part of this project, send me an email, I’ll give you more of the details about the theme and the locations.

Here is list of a few of the folks I’m still looking to work with for this project.

  • Musicians
    I already have a several signed up, but could use a few more, so regardless of the instrument(s) you play – send me a note. ¬†Especially looking for violinist, bassist and a small band. Near the end of the project I’ll be looking for a pianist but that will be the culminating piece of the project — And, quite a challenge – not sure I can pull off the location I want – need to work the phones and cash in a few favors ūüôā
  • Painter
    Have a couple on the maybe list – wouldn’t mind talking with one or two more.
  • Potter/sculptor
    One of the more difficult shots.
  • Dancer
    Really looking for a ballet or otherwise¬†classically trained dancer. But if you’re a modern/contemporary dancer, feel free to contact me.
  • B-Boy
    Need a master of handstands
  • Shakespearean¬†Actor
    This will be one of the later shots in the project.
  • Mime(s)
    Should have this one covered already.
  • Martial Arts
    May have this one covered already – but feel free to contact me
  • Any creative/artistic person/small group
    I’m open to ideas. If you or your group is of the creative/artistic type and do something that isn’t in this list, let me know, I may already have enough interest in that area that I didn’t list it or I may have totally missed it. Speak up, we’ll see if you fit with the scope of the project.

As you can see, this isn’t a small project. I’ll post more details here in the future but in the mean time — if you fit in one of these categories, please contact me. If you know someone who does, pass this along.

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Morning Launch

Sunrise at the Sprint of Boise 2010 Balloon Festival.

Today and tomorrow I’m shooting the Spirit of Boise 2010 Balloon Festival, the winds didn’t¬†cooperate¬†this morning for my original plan, maybe tomorrow.

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Boise Curb Cup 2010

Went to the Boise Curb Cup yesterday for a couple of hours. Last year I took a ton of shots,¬†literally¬†at least one of each act, this year was a bit more low key. I only shot a few acts and took more time to enjoy a few we really liked last year. One act that we have enjoyed both years is Chad Summervill, be sure to check out his music (and a shot from last year’s curb cup on his CD). Also enjoyed the Summerwind skippers and the Boise Breakers, both of which we wished we had seen more of last year.

Got to run, just a quick post to say hi and share a few shots.


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Sawtooth Lake Color Panorama

Sawtooth Lake

Sawtooth Lake (click image to see larger)

Been processing a few more photos from the Sawtooth Lake hike. This photo was actually from my second hike to the lake that week, when my Dad and I went up. I would really like to spend the night up there next year and do some predawn work around the lake; consider it added to the list.

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Idaho Statesman & Idaho Camera Photo Contest: read the fine print (of any contest)

Just a real quick post: Saw a note a few minutes ago about a photo contest being run by the Idaho Statesman in cooperation with Idaho Camera. First, both of these companies are reputable and I’d have no problem doing business with them in most cases. I don’t usually do photo contests, but since I run a “Outdoor Idaho Photography” group on flickr I clicked the link to check it out for a possible announcement on our forum. And right there in plain sight is the reason I don’t do photo contest and why you should ALWAYS read the rules.

“Photographs and Articles submitted to the Idaho Statesmen and Idaho Camera shall become the property of Idaho Statesmen and Idaho Camera and may be reproduced and distributed in print, electronic, or other form for perpetuity.” source

If that doesn’t give you chills, you don’t value your work enough. For what it’s worth, that’s essentially all of the fine print, there is no link or reference to a “complete set of rules” or such. I realize that publications have to have a copyright release as part of their submission guidelines so they can print your photo in the paper or display it as a winner on their website. Some contests handle this gracefully, and I’ll participate. But many, if not most, grant themselves the right to sell prints and some, as in this case, claim to own the work. Perhaps, just perhaps, that’s not what they intended but rarely do court cases revolve on intent instead of what was written in the contract.

There are plenty of resources on the internet regarding photo contest and what to look for in the fine print of your local contests. It’s accepted they won’t send you back the print you sent in, and there will be language to that effect, that’s standard. You should expect to see language saying that you the photographer grant the company license or permission to print the photo as part of the photo contest. Read closely and be sure you can live with the “license” or “permission” you are granting. Stay far away from “own,” “become property,” “exclusive” and “perpetuity.” Always make that there is wording to the effect of: “the original photographer retains the copyright” For more information on photo contests and why many of them are bad, really, really, bad. Search google, there are plenty of rights grab stories out there. For further information about contests and photographers rights as well as examples of good and bad contests; visit: pro-imaging.org/content/view/164/161/



VERY BAD: Costco Photo Contest
Good, specific rules: Maine.gov photo contest

More links: are yougambling with your copyright by entering that photography contest?

Another local, Bad photocontest. Farm Bureau of Idaho

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Boise Curb Cup 2009

Boise Curb Cup 2009 - Angie Stevens and The Mark

Angie Stevens and The Mark - Boise Curb Cup 2009

I’ve been meaning to post this for a bit now. But we all know how things seem to come up, it’d been a crazy week and then came the holiday weekend. I had to put down the computer and step away from the internet for the last four days; it was nice.

Last week Joy and I went to the first annual Boise Curb Cup. I’m not sure there’s a good way to describe it, but imagine 130 different, some really different and all very random street performers gathering for a two hour competition. We didn’t hear about the event until the day before, one of my wife’s friends was going to be among the performers. But we were able to rearrange our schedule to see it.

Looking at a list of 130 entries and knowing that we had two hours that meant less than a minute per individual or group. That’s not counting getting stuck in a crowd, crossing streets etc. Yeah. not gonna happen. So somewhat randomly and based on name alone I circled 10 groups that I wanted to see, Joy added two that weren’t already on my list, together we marked a few more as 2nds.
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Sawtooth Lake

Sawtooth Lake - Black and White (click for larger)

Sawtooth Lake - Black and White (click for larger)

Sawtooth lake is one of the prettiest places on earth, it’s the largest alpine lake in the Sawtooth Mountains and a pleasant 5 mile hike UP to it. I spent a couple of days there this summer, so this won’t be the last Sawtooth Lake area photo you’ll see.

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Hawk on a cold winter day

A Hawk flies over a field at the base of the Lemhi Mountains, an overcast mid winter day.

A Hawk hunts over a field on an overcast cold winter day.

This winter while I was visiting the Parents, Dad and I took a ride up the road a bit to photograph a few birds. That area has one of the highest concentrations of birds of prey I’ve ever seen. Much more than the Snake River Birds of Prey NCA in Southwest Idaho. I knew we’d get a few hawk photos and maybe a few bald eagles and a Golden or two.

The Idaho Mountains have four types of winter days. 1) Crystal clear and warm (i.e. almost UP to freezing temperature). 2) Overcast and warm, which means it is, has, or is about to snow. 3) Overcast and freakishly cold, which means it’ll be spitting snow all day. 4) My favorite, Crystal Clear and Freakishly Cold, the best days to be out playing in the snow. I’ll mention too, that its clear a lot more that is it overcast.

This day was Overcast and Freakishly cold. Most of the day was sub zero. Because of the light and lack of contrast, it was a tough day to shoot. But a few shots did work, one of the two best ones has been on my flickr account for a while: Rough-Legged Hawk. This photo however has been sitting in my todo folder since.

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The Lantern

An old Lantern and Wagon on a Ranch in the Mountains of Idaho (click for larger image)

An old Lantern and Wagon on a Ranch in the Mountains of Idaho (click for larger image)

This lantern and wagon are in the driveway of a friends ranch so I’ve been by it countless times and often thought it was photo worthy. I would love to tell you how much I planned and prepped this shot. But, It was actually a cold spring morning with a little snow in the air, I was up in Salmon visiting my parents and we took a ride in the hills for some photo opportunities. We stopped at the friends ranch to check the spring run off in the river. As we were turning around we saw the rancher so we stopped and chatted for a few minutes. We didn’t even get out of the F250, Dad was driving and I was riding shotgun. We were parked just so I could see lantern out the window on the driver side rear passenger seat (quad cab), I had dad roll down the window as we were chatting and fired off a couple shots out the back windows at 300mm.

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The Lemhi Mountains

The Lemhi Mountain Range in Eastern Idaho

The Lemhi Mountain Range in Eastern Idaho (click to see larger)

Most people in the US think of Idaho as being flat with a bunch of potatoes fields. Out of 612 miles of interstate we arranged to have 525 of them be through flat desert and potato fields. So for most people that come through Idaho that’s all they’ll see, we like it that way. But the snake river plain isn’t what makes Idaho a Rocky Mountain state, it’s that other two thirds of the state covered with rugged mountains, alpine lakes and snow capped peaks.This photo is of one of our gems, the Lemhi Mountains. If I told you very much about The Lemhi be it the mountains, the river or county, you’d want to come see it. So. Enjoy the photo.

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