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Straight No Chaser: Youtube giveth, Warner taketh away.

Many of you will remember last years Christmas music sensation brought to you via Youtube. The group “Straight No Chaser” was an male acapela group originally founded in 1996 at Indiana University, ten years later Indiana Univeristy invited the original members got back together for a reunion concert. One of the group’s founders compiled old concert video into a DVD and posted some of the footage on youtube for friends.

Here’s the beauty of the internet… They didn’t promote it. Word just spread around and in December 2007 the Youtube video of Straight No Chaser Singing 12 Days of Christmas went…  hmm, where does a youtube single go? I guess you could classify it as multi-platinum. I recall showing the video to family members while visiting before christmas, when the youtube video had a mere three million views. I know it made almost eight million views by christmas. Continue reading »

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City Sidewalks

City Sidewalks

Christmas in Boise

It’s almost Christmas here in Idaho (and last I checked most other places). I spent some time running around town tonight trying to get some Christmasy shots. I’m generally unimpressed with the Christmas lights this year. Winter finally made it’s presense known in Idaho in the past week or two, a bit of a late start, but considering the snow in August. I guess it’s ok.

Took this shot downtown, apparently a hocky game was starting so parking was fun, but had enough time between groups of people to get some good shots. I particularly like this one. Which my wife informed me I had to title “City Sidewalks.” Fitting I guess.

We’ll be headed out of town for much of next week, but considering we’ll be seeing our new puppy for the first time… I’m sure you’ll hear from me. Merry Christmas.


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