What Geek doesn’t have a few too many projects to work on? Here are a few of my personal projects (mostly the tech projects)


An Open Source Python package that downloads and parses the National Weather Service “CAP” Emergency Alerts feed (mainly severe weather alerts). It started a while back as part of my Home Automation Project, I wanted my Home Automation AI to tell me anytime there were new Weather Alerts posted for my area. After realizing how much of a pain it was to work with this XML based format and the data in it, I decided to open source it.

Home Automation “Cortana”

Unfortunately, this one isn’t open source yet. Cortana is my Home automation AI, I really need to do a blog post or something about this project and hopefully at some point later this year I’ll open source it, but at the moment it’s just too custom to my house, hardware and use cases.


NagParser was started as a way to parse Nagios status and object files and to issue commands to nagios via the commands file, basically adding an API around real time nagios data. With ‘nagios compatible’ replacements and upgrade paths like Icinga and Shrinken becoming more popular, this package is becoming less useful. While I started this project, most significant/recent development and maintenance has been done by a friend/coworker.