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Boise Curb Cup 2010

Went to the Boise Curb Cup yesterday for a couple of hours. Last year I took a ton of shots, literally at least one of each act, this year was a bit more low key. I only shot a few acts and took more time to enjoy a few we really liked last year. One act that we have enjoyed both years is Chad Summervill, be sure to check out his music (and a shot from last year’s curb cup on his CD). Also enjoyed the Summerwind skippers and the Boise Breakers, both of which we wished we had seen more of last year.

Got to run, just a quick post to say hi and share a few shots.


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Basin Butte Lookout

Have I mentioned how much I love shooting the night sky? Well, I do. One of the projects I’m working on right now involves shooting a lot at night and in some very remote locations, like this lookout. I had just about decided not to post this shot, to save it for possible inclusion in the project, but consider it a teaser shot.

Oh, and I’m supposed to give my dad photo assistant credit as he was with me for this shot and says he never gets any of the credit. 🙂  So I credit thee, dad, with:

1) Location Safety Advisor – for holding the flashlight and telling me how close I was to stepping off the cliff. (pretty close)
2) Logistics – You were nice enough to drive.
3) Security – While we didn’t have any bears, mountain lions or ticked off mountain goats breach the location perimeter, I’m sure you would have handled it. Plus having a second person helps prevent big foot sightings.
4) Lighting Grip – You held a flash for me.
4) Entertainment – Lets face it, after watching the camera blink for the first 20 minutes of shooting, it gets kinda boring…

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A Brief Break from a Busy Summer

The Palmer Family sits around a campfire in the Sawtooth Mountains.

My wife, my parents, and I -- sitting around a campfire in the Sawtooth Mountains. This was a 15 minute shot, in the background you can see the bright lights of Metro Stanley, Idaho. Population 76.

Almost every year my wife and I meet my parents somewhere high in the mountains for a week of vacation. Again this year we stayed in our own backyard… The Sawtooth Mountains, which happen to be between their house and ours.

Last year I spent every day on a trail hiking in the sawthooth wilderness, this year was a lot more laid back, we even had the fourwheelers. That’s not to say I didn’t hike, among the destinations was Goat Lake. I’ve been to the falls before, but this was the first time up to the lake I see now why several photog friends say it’s their favorite. It was pretty awesome.

It’s amazing how far behind a person can get after being gone for ten days, to make matters worse, our f150 (275k miles) blew a head gasket while on vacation. Thankfully we already had our other truck with us so aside from the hassle and having to get the f150 towed, switching vehicles, frustration etc…  out trip wasn’t interrupted much. But that caused a 24 hour trip back up to Salmon this weekend to switch out vehicles and such… needless to say I didn’t get much accomplished this past week. But, I’m catching up. Hopefully, later this week I’ll really be able to start processing photos from this trip…

So… this coming weekend is a catchup weekend, oh, and the Boise Curb Cup. oh, and our final trip to the Idaho Shakespeare Festival for the season. Next weekend has four day photo trip planned, then for the rest of the summer/fall/year really, we’re out of town every other weekend for one thing or another (mostly planned photo shoots). One of those photo trips is to the Washington Coast, I can’t wait, haven’t been to the Oregon/Washington coast in almost 10 years. Joy hasn’t been. To make long exposure night shots easier, I booked a B&B right on the beach 🙂 (no seriously, that’s the excuse)

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Alpine Night Glow

Over an hour after sunset, stars meet night glow in a long exposure from 10,000 feet.

This is a byproduct of a year long photo project I just started. Long exposure night images are one of my favorite genres to work in, especially night glow images. This was taken over an hour after dark, 10mm with an exposure of almost a minute.

Jet Boat on Salmon River

Jet Boat makes its way up the race course on the Salmon River

One of my favorite events each year is the Salmon River Jet Boat Race on the lower Salmon River at Riggings, Idaho. I shoot a lot at this event, but this is one of the events that I do communications for, so photography is on a secondary basis. Two days on a rescue boat, isn’t a bad way to spend a weekend, but it’s also a bit like work.

Idaho Rally

A car crosses the stage 15 finish line at the 2010 Idaho Rally

Very few people know that Idaho has a rally race, it’s somewhat new, but gaining in popularity. This was the first year that my schedule allowed me to work this event, but I hope I can make it again. For me this was another dual purpose event as the safety communications were provided by area ham radio operators (i.e. me). So much like my yearly trek to the Jet Boat races, I’m there primarily to handle communications. That dictates where I’m at and what I’m doing, safety and communications always comes first. But, it’s hard to talk on the radio when a loud car (or jet boat) goes by so usually communications and photography coexist nicely. For this event I was at the finish line for stage 15, the last of the mountain stages, only one stage remained at the fair grounds.
As for the radio communications side of things, this one was tough, the finish line was a dead area, the nearest spot I could get a radio signal out was a mile away. So I had to turn my truck radio into a repeater, park and walk the mile back up the creek to the finish. (So much for having my truck at the finish with the AC running waiting after we closed the road). I used my handheld through my truck repeater, through the main repeater and back down to the start line on the other side of the mountain — a bit of a pain, but it worked. One of the cars (a non competing rally car) was nice enough to give me a ride back to my truck afterwards.

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Looking back…

Elk Cow and Calf in the Idaho Wilderness

Elk Cow and Calf in the Idaho Wilderness

The year is almost over. It’s not though. I love Christmas and usually do a fair amount of shooting in december, but around thanksgiving I start thinking about next year…. Becasue this year is almost over. Though it’s not over yet. Almost. Not quite. Will be shortly.

I’ve been looking at random photos in my “2009” folder, as I look back through the year I’m happy to say I was able to do a lot of things I wanted to do, go places, shoot things. I’m happy to say that overall, my photos have gotten better. But it seems my todo list left for next year is longer rather than shorter. Next year, I believe, if I take off the months of February, April, May, July, August, September and  October… I may be able to shoot everything on my list, but something tells me that isn’t going to happen. Prioritization is in order. There are things, projects, that I want to try, new places I want to go, techniques that need tried and honed. It’s rather exciting really…

We’ve got a trip to Salmon at Christmas to see the family. Salmon is one of the most beautiful places in the world, so the camera is always handy, it’ll be a great no pressure photo trip and with that, 2009 will be over, done.

I’ve yet to plan anything major for 2010. Aside from a workshop myself and two friends, Johnny and David are organizing on January 16th, but beyond that it’s a blank page.

Speaking of blank pages, I am going to re-examine my website…  I’m asking it to do so much, that I end up not doing enough with it. I hope to roll out some structure changes around the first of the year that will make it easier for me to share my work as well as my tech and personal content without doing three separate websites. I’m constantly getting email and face to face comments (or even by proxy) about the photos I choose to post here and I realize I need to post more. So many of my photos I want to post just sit on my hard drive waiting for a blog post I can associate with them. I cant guarantee anything, but I’m gonna try my best to post the photos and let them speak for themselves without thinking I’ve got to comment everything. Though, google sure prefers I write about them 😉

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Moonscape: Redfish Lake

Redfish Lake Moonscape

Redfish Lake Moonscape (click image to see large)

I’ve said it more than once, I miss the darkroom. I’ve been wanting to pick up a new medium format camera and work black & white film again. I’d like to convert part of my studio into a darkroom and process the film myself, but considering my studio is really a bedroom and it’s already pulling double duty as my server/network room… It’s not gonna happen, though that didn’t stop me from looking around online at how much it cost me to get a medium format enlarger, or maybe a good medium format negative scanner. But putting a darkroom in my studio isn’t feasible. Hmm, the bathroom is pretty dark already… Though I doubt that’d receive a building permit from the wife.

I took this photo a couple weeks ago at Redfish lake, it was a test shot for a long exposure star trail photo. If you look REAL close, there is one star trail in this photo, but it was only a two or three minute test to get the mountains right and set a baseline for my exposure. Many of you have already seen my snow photos from this same trip, that storm popped over the mountains about 5 minutes after this was taken. Gotta love Idaho! The sun was over an hour past set, but twilight was back lighting the mountains, behind me a full moon was rising.  I knew my window between dark enough for stars and the moon coming up to ruin the shot was going to be very short. I was hoping for a twenty minute star trail shot between the two, but the clouds gathering on the other side of the mountain wouldn’t cooperate. By the time I got back to camp the snow had started. This photo was much of the inspiration for the now infamous tweet I posted about ‘being done with color.’ I realize this photo won’t impress everyone, you might not even like it. But for me, this photo came alive in post and I instantly fell in love with it, can’t wait to get a metallic print of it. Do leave a comment here or on flickr to let me know what you think.

Swore off color

Jasper playing in the leaves

Jasper playing in the leaves

So today I made a post to twitter:

“apologies to my photo fans who like color. I’m tied of color, expect a month of black and white.”

Then I go out and take this photo…

I meant well, I really did. I love shooting black and white, there was a time that 99% of what I shot was black and white film, processed myself. These days I’m not sure I could tell a developer from a fixer, but still I miss the darkroom. In the past week or so it seems every photo I processed ended up black and white, or at least every photo I liked. After processing a photo which looked particularly good in black and white, to the point I instantly fell in love with it and want a canvas of it, I decided I was done with color… for a bit at least. I may post that photo next week, hopefully you’ll like it. Anyway, I publicly swore off color.

That is until we took Jasper on a walk on the greenbelt and stopped to play in the leaves. The sun was setting and one beam of light making it through the trees and hitting the ground below a beautiful sugar maple with deep red and orange leaves. Pulled out the 50 prime and got several great shots. I made mention of how great the colors looked with Jasper, and my wife mentioned that twitter post. You mean people actually read twitter? hmm. Maybe we’ll let this photo slide by. After all, does anything posted on twitter on the weekend actually count?

For the record, you will be seeing more black and white landscapes from me for the next few weeks. I have several I’d like to post.

Beaver Pond in Snow

Snowy Beaver Pond

Snowy Beaver Pond

Sometimes I hate writing about my photos. But the photo alone counts for 1000 words right? So this post is really 1062 words instead of 62 words. Beaver pond near Stanley, Idaho. Taken a few weeks ago while I was camped up there for a planned long exposure star trail night shot. That really looks like great weather for star photography… Right?