The 4th, from my house.


Fireworks in my neighborhood.

I happen to really love shooting fireworks (both meanings). I’m not the only one; this photo is a preview of what my neighborhood will look like tonight. As a rule, we Idahoans LOVE our country and LOVE our fireworks. Did I mention that every single firework you see in this picture is Illegal in the State of Idaho?  I guess I didn’t, but that’s a discussion for a later time…

This was taken 3 years ago, We hadn’t been in our new house for very long and the only organized fireworks display I was shooting that year had been the night before. So we had a nice quiet 4th at home. Until sunset, when thousands of dollars of sparkly gunpowder was propelled en masse toward the heavens. Our quiet suburbia outskirts neighborhood lit up in a display that trumps most cities.

My dog? HATES fireworks.  He was a nervous wreck all night as the house shook every few seconds with each new mortar explosion, this continued from dark (about 10:30pm) to about 1:30am. He wasn’t a happy camper. To be fair, I wasn’t either when mortars were still going off every few minutes at 2am…

So tonight, like many Fourth of July nights, we’re headed to the hills for some peaceful, quiet, astrophotography. Happy 4th!

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