Got Print?

As I sit here printing out some 4×6 proof shots – I am reminded of something I heard today. A photographer was speaking to a group of photo enthusiast about, you guessed it – photography. This person is fairly popular online and has somewhat of a name, especially in the tech world. Anyway, in the course of the conversation this person said. “You know, I have never printed one of my photos.”

Excuse me?

I won’t question the talent, or creativity of the photographer.. but come on, you’ve never printed one of your photos? Not once in the 5+ years you’ve been working?

Wow. Holy Crap. Wow.

She, I mean ‘they’, went on to talk about how their walls were blank and just never gotten around to having anything printed.

Walls Blank? ok, this I get. I constantly keep a queue on the website of my print house of thing I want printed BIG when time, money and space allow. Seems something is always jumping to the head of the line and if I could ever pick a photo for more than a day… I’d get more printed. But regardless, I do have stuff printed quite a bit and 8×10 or smaller I’ll print myself. I don’t have a lot hanging on the walls, but that’s more a function of space. I can’t imagine not having a few pieces of my own art on my wall… it’s inconceivable to me.

I’m assuming her clients have printed her images, and I really hope they were printed in a managed environment and not at the local department store though based on the above I’m guessing so. Maybe one of her clients should give her a print…

Seriously, I know we are mostly digital (some more than others) but never?

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