Priority Inbox Notifications on Gmail for Android

Gmail on Android is now it’s own app, separate from an andoid release – largly so that gmail can have a faster release cycle. I love the updates, better lables, more sync options, shortcuts to specific lables on your inbox, early (basic) support for priority labels and such…  But there is one thing missing, I hope that Google will add this setting when Priority Inbox is fully supported by the mobile app — Notifications only for new priority messages.

Lets face it, I don’t need notifications every time my hulu queue has new stuff in it, newegg posts a new deal or someone sends me a message on some social site I haven’t visited in years. When a notification plays letting me know that I have a new email, I *have* to check it. But 90% of the time it’s something that I don’t care about or it will wait till I’m at my desktop – turning off notifications for any non-priority email would be awesome! Please Google? Pleeeaaseeee?

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