Missed Opportunities

I hate it when a print order comes through for a photo I almost didn’t take. No, don’t get me wrong, I love my customers and appreciate every sale. But imagine for a minute. You’re backpacking, 10 miles into a 14 mile day… you see something kinda cool, but don’t take the time to stop, pull out the camera and take the shot. Some stuff you see and you have to take the shot, but in this case, it’s borderline. You’re in ‘go’ mode and just want to get to camp, get the pack off and eat something warm. For the next 300 yards you wish you had stopped, but soon it’s out of mind.

Imagine you’re driving on a dirt road hours from anywhere trying to get to a location for sunset and see something kinda cool. You don’t stop. For the next half mile you play a round robin in your head on whether or not you should have stopped. Sometimes you turn around and get it, sometimes you keep moving.

I live in Idaho – I’m outdoors or traveling in really cool places literally all the time, there’s no way I can shoot every shot I see. This happens to me almost daily. There are so many images in my head that I thought “cool” and kept walking, driving, biking… Thankfully I also have a bunch where I did stop, turn around and get it. What really messes with my head is when, like this week, a print order comes through for a photo I almost didn’t take. I’m happy to sell it, but then my mind flashes back to all the photos that I could have taken in the last few weeks, months or even years. I think about those photos and the walls they could have been displayed on, and yes, a part of me thinks about the sales… sigh.

This one? I wasn’t even driving for it, had to debate whether it was worth asking the driver to turn around. I do love it though and know that it’ll look great on your wall, but I almost didn’t take it. almost.

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