KTVB.com needs an editor

KTVB is the only local news station I’ll watch – I like their anchors and I think KTVB is a great part of our community. But their website is horrid. If you follow me on twitter you know I occasionally post the KTVB.com quote of the day, stuff they have written in an article that just doesn’t make sense or lacked basic proof reading. I don’t do as often now because their online stories have become so horrid I don’t spend much time on the site any longer. I’m a bit of a writer and my wife is an English prof, so it would be easy to nitpick… but no, I’m talking blatant mistakes that if the reporter had bothered to read the story or had their 5 year old read it, it would have been caught. Every time I visit I’m amazed they don’t even read their articles before they post it. Friends on FB and twitter have confirmed noticing the same thing.

I especially liked this article today…

The fire started near the Eagle exit just around 5:20am Tuesday.

Idaho State Police says the driver of the truck was no hurt.

ISP says the driver of the truck was no hurt.

“He looked back in the mirror and saw that the truck was on fire…


UPDATE – I recieved the following response from KTVB via twitter. I appreciate them taking the time to respond and I really hope that we start seeing improvement in their online editing. As I said above, I love KTVB, they are the only live TV news I watch and even with the bad editing they still have the best news site in the valley. (sorry statesman)

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