Basin Butte Lookout

Have I mentioned how much I love shooting the night sky? Well, I do. One of the projects I’m working on right now involves shooting a lot at night and in some very remote locations, like this lookout. I had just about decided not to post this shot, to save it for possible inclusion in the project, but consider it a teaser shot.

Oh, and I’m supposed to give my dad photo assistant credit as he was with me for this shot and says he never gets any of the credit. 🙂  So I credit thee, dad, with:

1) Location Safety Advisor – for holding the flashlight and telling me how close I was to stepping off the cliff. (pretty close)
2) Logistics – You were nice enough to drive.
3) Security – While we didn’t have any bears, mountain lions or ticked off mountain goats breach the location perimeter, I’m sure you would have handled it. Plus having a second person helps prevent big foot sightings.
4) Lighting Grip – You held a flash for me.
4) Entertainment – Lets face it, after watching the camera blink for the first 20 minutes of shooting, it gets kinda boring…

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