A Brief Break from a Busy Summer

The Palmer Family sits around a campfire in the Sawtooth Mountains.

My wife, my parents, and I -- sitting around a campfire in the Sawtooth Mountains. This was a 15 minute shot, in the background you can see the bright lights of Metro Stanley, Idaho. Population 76.

Almost every year my wife and I meet my parents somewhere high in the mountains for a week of vacation. Again this year we stayed in our own backyard… The Sawtooth Mountains, which happen to be between their house and ours.

Last year I spent every day on a trail hiking in the sawthooth wilderness, this year was a lot more laid back, we even had the fourwheelers. That’s not to say I didn’t hike, among the destinations was Goat Lake. I’ve been to the falls before, but this was the first time up to the lake I see now why several photog friends say it’s their favorite. It was pretty awesome.

It’s amazing how far behind a person can get after being gone for ten days, to make matters worse, our f150 (275k miles) blew a head gasket while on vacation. Thankfully we already had our other truck with us so aside from the hassle and having to get the f150 towed, switching vehicles, frustration etc…  out trip wasn’t interrupted much. But that caused a 24 hour trip back up to Salmon this weekend to switch out vehicles and such… needless to say I didn’t get much accomplished this past week. But, I’m catching up. Hopefully, later this week I’ll really be able to start processing photos from this trip…

So… this coming weekend is a catchup weekend, oh, and the Boise Curb Cup. oh, and our final trip to the Idaho Shakespeare Festival for the season. Next weekend has four day photo trip planned, then for the rest of the summer/fall/year really, we’re out of town every other weekend for one thing or another (mostly planned photo shoots). One of those photo trips is to the Washington Coast, I can’t wait, haven’t been to the Oregon/Washington coast in almost 10 years. Joy hasn’t been. To make long exposure night shots easier, I booked a B&B right on the beach 🙂 (no seriously, that’s the excuse)

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