7 QSO Party

For the last couple of years we’ve been going on a short camping trip the first weekend in may, this happens to be on or near Joy’s Birthday. Its about time to get the camper our and get it on the road, though usually it’s already been with me up to the Jet Boat Races a couple weeks prior. But the first weekend of may the bulk of Joy’s classes are over and before the onslaught of her having to grade portfolios begins. This trip is just to hide… Get a little time away from everything and relax around a campfire for three days. No backpacking, hiking, fishing, photography or any of the normal work that accompanies a camping trip, just relaxing. Eat, Sleep, kick the fire, eat, sleep, read, kick the fire, eat, sleep… Last year it rained the entire weekend, it was great! This year, it rained, snowed and just about everything else.

This weekend also happens to be a ham radio contest, the 7th area call district QSO Party (7QP). I only worked the contest for a couple of hours total, but had some good contacts. It was also a great chance to think about and plan for Field Day.

I had planned to work until I got a contact in every 7-land state; Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana. I thought I was done after making a contact into Wyoming which was a tough find, I even shut off the radio and power to get ready for bed. But I wanted to count states and contacts before so my wife and I read through the list, both realizing that I hadn’t made a contact with another Idaho station. It wasn’t going to be very easy either, most of the folks I had talked to told me I was the first Idaho station they heard. But I turned everything back on and searched 80 meters for a local. Eventually I heard KE7ADU from up in Boundary County (350 miles north). He was replying to stations calling CQ and working his way up the band, I went a few khz up the and started calling him, thankfully he found me and I got my own state. With Idaho on the log, it really was time for bed. As it is now. Keep reading for station/log info >>

I was running my Yaesu FT-897 (only 20w for most contacts) and LDG Z-11 ProII Tuner into homebrew G5RV-ish dipole at 50 feet. Power was via Battery on the camper and solar charge, though with the snow and rain, didn’t get much out of it.

All in all I worked 68 Contacts (some count twice) working 16 States and 2 Provinces, not bad for a couple hours of kinda sorta operating.

40m N7EKD Oregon
40m W7RN Nevada
40m K7XV Utah
40m WA5ZUP New Mexico
40m KF7P Utah
40m WA6ST California
40m KK7OO Washington
40m KF6T California
40m K7EAR Arizona
40m VE5BCS Saskatchewan, Canada
40m W6AFA California
40m K0JJ Oregon
40m N7NKO Washington
40m N7BV Washington
40m WX7P Washington
40m WI7F/M Washington
40m K7LY Arizona
40m KI7MT Montana
40m KK7AC Arizona
40m WQ7A Washington
40m W9QL Illinois
40m W0BH Kansas
40m W7SUR Utah
40m WA5KTC Oregon
40m AC0PR North Dakota
40m NO7Z Oregon
40m KF7GYE Arizona
40m AE6YB California
40m K7IA Arizona
40m K6GDP Oregon
40m KE7AUB Oregon
40m N7TT Washington
40m VE7CV British Columbia, Canada
40m NN7ZZ Utah
40m N7GTE Utah
40m K0GM Colorado
40m N5KGY Mississippi
40m KE7YF Arizona
40m KD7SWP Oregon
40m WB6OKG Colorado
40m W5IAY New Mexico
40m W6JEO California
40m N7RN Arizona
40m K7UN Oregon
40m N6KD California
40m W6NF Nevada
40m AA6XV California
40m KB7PA Arizona
40m KG6WHA California
40m AD7MQ Montana
40m WA0AUX Iowa
40m N7UR Nevada
40m WA7LZC Arizona
40m WB0YCQ California
40m KG6YPH California
40m WB4UIC Wyoming
80m K7HPT Washington
80m WA7SRZ Washington
40m K7L Arizona
80m N6WM California
80m N7LE Oregon
80m NB7O Oregon
80m KE7ADU Idaho
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