Swore off color

Jasper playing in the leaves

Jasper playing in the leaves

So today I made a post to twitter:

“apologies to my photo fans who like color. I’m tied of color, expect a month of black and white.”

Then I go out and take this photo…

I meant well, I really did. I love shooting black and white, there was a time that 99% of what I shot was black and white film, processed myself. These days I’m not sure I could tell a developer from a fixer, but still I miss the darkroom. In the past week or so it seems every photo I processed ended up black and white, or at least every photo I liked. After processing a photo which looked particularly good in black and white, to the point I instantly fell in love with it and want a canvas of it, I decided I was done with color… for a bit at least. I may post that photo next week, hopefully you’ll like it. Anyway, I publicly swore off color.

That is until we took Jasper on a walk on the greenbelt and stopped to play in the leaves. The sun was setting and one beam of light making it through the trees and hitting the ground below a beautiful sugar maple with deep red and orange leaves. Pulled out the 50 prime and got several great shots. I made mention of how great the colors looked with Jasper, and my wife mentioned that twitter post. You mean people actually read twitter? hmm. Maybe we’ll let this photo slide by. After all, does anything posted on twitter on the weekend actually count?

For the record, you will be seeing more black and white landscapes from me for the next few weeks. I have several I’d like to post.

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