Hawk on a cold winter day

A Hawk flies over a field at the base of the Lemhi Mountains, an overcast mid winter day.

A Hawk hunts over a field on an overcast cold winter day.

This winter while I was visiting the Parents, Dad and I took a ride up the road a bit to photograph a few birds. That area has one of the highest concentrations of birds of prey I’ve ever seen. Much more than the Snake River Birds of Prey NCA in Southwest Idaho. I knew we’d get a few hawk photos and maybe a few bald eagles and a Golden or two.

The Idaho Mountains have four types of winter days. 1) Crystal clear and warm (i.e. almost UP to freezing temperature). 2) Overcast and warm, which means it is, has, or is about to snow. 3) Overcast and freakishly cold, which means it’ll be spitting snow all day. 4) My favorite, Crystal Clear and Freakishly Cold, the best days to be out playing in the snow. I’ll mention too, that its clear a lot more that is it overcast.

This day was Overcast and Freakishly cold. Most of the day was sub zero. Because of the light and lack of contrast, it was a tough day to shoot. But a few shots did work, one of the two best ones has been on my flickr account for a while: Rough-Legged Hawk. This photo however has been sitting in my todo folder since.

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