Alpine Lake, Windy Texture

A large rock sits in an alpine lake (please click image to see higher quality)

A large rock sits in an alpine lake (please click image to see higher quality)

Photoblog note: Since I’ve drastically redone the site, I’ll be making more than one post per week until the photoblog archive grows up a bit.  We’ll return you to a weekly post in a few weeks.

I walked by this photo twice before finally going back to shoot it. I loved it both times I saw it, but just knew my camera and I couldn’t do it justice, and, even so, doubted many people who would see it are texture geeks like me.  It was taken about halfway through a 14 mile day hike–one of several long day hikes I took during our recent vacation up in the Sawtooth. Most were with Joy and Jasper (border collie pup), but this one was just me and Dad. We got to where we were going and decided we hadn’t had enough. Actually, he decided that. I, having already been on a couple hikes that week including this same hike with my wife two days earlier and having just climbed five miles and a few thousand feet up the mountain all while carrying a backpack with 46 metric tons of camera gear, had indeed had enough. For the record, in addition to the survival gear I don’t leave home without, a few items for cold weather (it tends to snow there in the summer), a fishing rod, lunch and roughly three liters of water, I also had three or four lenses, totaling 17mm – 400mm, the DSLR, a 35mm film body, filters, tripod, remote, small 5-in-1 reflector, extra batteries and everything else you’d find in a camera bag. All stuffed in my favorite camera backpack ever! The DAKINE Sequence Photo Pack.

Dad was carrying a day pack. But all that was in it was his peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and water. So yes. I was content with what we had originally planned. But we were sitting in a mountain pass above the lakes we had hiked to and we were able to see down another drainage and see another set of lakes. Dad said. “Ah, don’t we have to walk down there and check out those lakes?” To which I replied. “No, we don’t have to.” But. Once it was mentioned, we both knew we were going to. We were both thinking about it, and had we both kept our mouths shut, we would have saved it for another day. I wasn’t against walking a mile or two down the trail to the other lakes. I was against having to walk back up it :). The “trail” down there was just a place where rocks the size of footballs and basketballs were arranged between rocks the size of cars and houses.

This photo was the first lake on our little extension. We walked by it on the way down and then on the way back up. Both times the wind was blowing 347 miles per hour; actually I clocked gusts at 30mph which is calm by Idaho mountain standards. Both times I walked by and thought, wow, I love that texture, but there is no way it’ll make it onto film. After walking by it on the way back up, I stopped and walked back to it. To give you an idea of scale, the rock you see was a little larger than a VW bug.

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