U-Turn Through Nevada – The 2002 Deer Point Fire Trip

U Turn Through Nevada

Something I drew once.

Been going through some old documents and folders from years past and found this drawing I did. I guess it was back in the summer of 2002 when I was still working for the Salmon-Challis National Forest as Webmaster and Communications Tech. Things were quiet locally but fires were all around us so I got assigned to the Deer Point Fire in Chelan Washington. It was the number one priority fire in the nation and a Type 1 Incident Command Team from California (scott vail’s team as I recall) got the call.

Myself and the Communications Unit leader who had recently transferred to the SCNF started driving to the call out. It’s a dreadfully long story, and even longer drive. But originally we were called out to a grass fire in Las Vegas, that’s where we started driving our comm truck to. That got changed to a California fire when we were almost to Los Vegas. Then we got bumped to an Oregon fire and then a Washington fire (but not the deer point) and finally the deer point.

It took us three days worth of driving to get from Salmon, Idaho to Chelan, Washington via all of Nevada. The GPS logged about 1900 miles. After our 14 days on the fire we drove the 480 miles back home in one afternoon.

I call this my “U-turn through Nevada” trip. I’ve now seen all of Nevada I ever want to see. Most of the the IC team flew up from LA but some where complaining that they actually made it to Vegas. yeah, I feel real sorry for them 🙂 two flights? poor thing…

When we finally made if to the fire, everyone else already there, I walked up to the IC who I’d talked to but never met. GPS in hand I showed him the bread crumb trail on the national map… a huge “U” through the state of Nevada.

After getting the initial ramp up out of the way I finally got a day to rest and spend most of it in the Comm Trailer at the Deer Point Incident Command Post. I pulled out a pen and drew this. I don’t draw much, I’ll draw a plane once or twice a year, maybe a sunset or a runway once in the the odd years. But I rather liked how this turned out.

I found this tonight, severely water damaged and a few smudges. Scanned it in and with some levels and selective colors in CS4 was able to get an OK capture of it for digital achieving.

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