Back from the backcountry – Happy Father’s Day

The Preacher

Mike Palmer, Pastor of Salmon Valley Baptist Church

Speaking of Father’s Day… this is my dad.

Spent eight days in the mountains last week, most of it in the back country but did have some time in Salmon. Had to shoot a couple photos for a website. We were really pressed for time, needing three shots from two setups, but we already had basic head shots out of the way before shooting this one.

Click on the image to go to its flickr page for strobist lighting info…

It’ll be a few days before the back country photos start showing up here and on my blog. But we had a blast, anytime you’re more than 60 miles from the nearest paved bound to be fun.

I am back in Boise now and slowly starting to catch up. I’ve got a busy week of work before taking a long weekend off for Field Day. I still have a couple hundred emails to go through and I’ve added 2000 pictures to my backlog of photos to process, but being away from everything for several days was so very relaxing.

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