The Big Screen

You know that feeling you get when you sit down in the front row of an IMAX theater? The feeling like the screen is towering over you and could engulf you at any moment? The feeling like the screen is so large you don’t know where to look and you’re afraid you’re gonna miss something? The feeling that you’re small and insignificant? yeah… that’s the feeling. I bought a ASUS Eee PC the other day it’s got a eight point something inch screen and a keyboard the size of my phone, well maybe a little larger. I installed linux on it and have been customizing it for the past couple of days. Then a few minutes ago my wife went outside to take the puppy on a walk, I started an update on the Eee and reached over for my wife’s laptop with it’s 17″ ultra bright widescreen. Wow…. that feeling. I love the little Eee, it’s perfect for what I’ll be using it for. But it does take some getting used to.

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