Jasper Eight Weeks

Jasper playing in the snow

Jasper posing for a shot last week near Salmon

Jasper turned eight weeks today. He’s fitting in really well, I can’t believe how smart he is and how much he eats for a guy his size.

Jasper has pretty much mastered using the bathroom where he is supposed to, he’s 99% with “come” also really good with “sit” and pretty good with down when he’s not distracted. We’re working on a few other commands, he shows interest in “crawl,” “backup” and “rollover.” Though I haven’t used it in a few days, he also really loves the “touch” command and his target stick. He’s finally mastered our stairs as well. Yesterday we had great success with retrieving a small tennis ball. He’s always enjoyed playing tug, but the last week he’s been showing more interest in playing with a ball. As I mentioned, he is really smart, amazingly so. I really hate it when he looks at me with that look like he knows he’s smarter than me. No doubt he’s a border collie. I’m still having to work with him on this whole walking thing. He’s really good on a leash so long as we’re going the way he wants to go.

Jasper: Snowball fight

"The Eye" the look border collies are known for... He's having a snowball fight with Joy

For the last week, we’ve been taking him to a small neighborhood park a couple blocks west. It’s got a side walk circling through it, after he goes once around it, he’s really good. But the first time there are just too many distractions he wants to sniff out. Once we’ve gone a few times around that and put him on the long lead and run through the park, he’s amazing. The last couple of times we’ve gone, Joy and I have played some search games with him, he really gets a kick out of that.

We’ve been using a clicker to help with his training, last night I apparently left it in a chair after playing fetch with him. Joy and I started watching a movie pretty soon I started hearing a jingling sound that at first I couldn’t place. Soon I realized it was the key chain on the clicker. When we looked at him he had the clicker in the floor pawing it. Makes sense, every time I press the button on that clicker he gets a treat, guess he was hoping it’d work if he clicked it. 🙂

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