Welcome Home Jasper

Tired Puppy

After an adventurous trip back from Salmon on Saturday night/Sunday morning bringing him home, we welcomed Jasper into our home. Jasper Wallace Palmer was born to “Lucy” and “Boomer” on November 29, 2008 (also our wedding anniversary). He’s a “working bred” Border Collie from Lemhi County, Idaho. His pedigree are all working cow dogs from the Salmon area including his grandfather which was brought to the US from Wales to work as top dog on one of the best ranches in Lemhi County. While he won’t be working cattle, Jasper will stay plenty busy as an active member of our family.

I’ll ofcourse have plenty more about Jasper as he grows up. Especially as he decides what activities he’ll enjoy most. (roller blading? mountain biking? Fishing? Hiking? Frisbee? Tennis? Tracking? Photowalks? Catch?) He’s got a lot of options. For now, he’s just a clumsey little guy exploring his new world. Bursts of energy followed by equal bursts of nap time… he’s already 90% house broken, knows his “kenel” and loves teething chew toys smeard in chicken ” puppy kong” sauce then frozen. He doesn’t mind car rides, doesn’t particularly care for baths, but loves being wrapped up in a towel and brushed to dry.

Welcome home Jasper!

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