Histograms and light meters

Fellow Idaho Strobist, friend and now blogger, David Madsen just posted a great article about light meters. Most people with DSLRs these days don’t think they need a light meter. And while you can live without one, you must realize that your histogram isn’t telling you what you may think it is. To properly represent an object you need to expose for the light hitting the object not the light reflecting off of the object. Histograms are great tools which most of us use constantly and properly interpreted can help you set your exposure, but it’s still telling you what light is hitting your camera and not what light is hitting your object…. unless your object is “neutral grey” (be it the 18% grey or 12% grey depending which camera engineer you believe). he’s got great examples to show you exactly what your camera will tell you and why you need to understand what your histogram is telling you.

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