Gmail Doesn’t know who Google is…


"This email may not be from who it claims to be!"

I absolutely love this. Really I do. So… I get google alerts for lots of things. News, blog entires on certain subjects, etc. A few minutes ago I pull up my email and saw this email. Click the image to see the full size and take a gander.

The email is from google, just like every other one I get. Yet, I see this large, ominous red bar pop up saying (roughly): This email may not be from who it claims to be! don’t trust it!

You’d think that Gmail would know if an email claiming to be from google really was from google. Seems like a basic verification in a phising check algo. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just my stange sense of sys/net admin humor that thought this was funny so I showed it to my wife without telling her what why I wanted her to read it. She laughted too…

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