New Server Online

I’ve been meaning to bring a new server online for quite some time. Well… it’s almost done. If you’re seeing this post, you’re seeing the new server (don’t you feel special). I don’t have everything migrated over, but I’m working on it. and are both 99% online. I’ve got a few more modifications to make from the transfer but overall things seem to be running ok. My primary webserver was the last public server I had that was running anything other than CentOS. Hehe, it was running Fedora and was installed before the fedora/red hat reallignment. Any non wordpress sites are still being served from the old server but I’m moving them as well. All the wordpress blogs are now running wordpress MU. That’ll save me a ton of time updating wordpress installs.

My NTP server is now on this box as well. it’s running stratum 2 right now, but should be back up to Stratum 1 once I get my gps reconfigured.

The Boise Air Traffic Control LIVE! feed will be partially migrating to this server as well. The listen-now and staus pages will both be here at

Actually, I’m migrating several fringe sites into my main domain. I’m tired of updating 10 different sites. So will soon be redirecting you to    While I’m talking about the ATC feed. I’ve getting a few reports that the audio isn’t stable. I think the soundcard in the source server is dieing. I’m not sure if I can get to it this weekend, but I will be investigating and fixing that. Probably next weekend.

I’ve also added a small photo gallery to this site. Just a group of a few photos from my flickr photostream.

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