Tis the Season: Linux Update Season

Seems like we’re in that time of year when all major Linux distos are on the new release bandwagon.

Yesterday Ubuntu uploaded it’s final Release Candidate for 8.10 which means we’re a week away from 8.10 final. – I don’t usually run Ubuntu but I usually spend a few days burning discs for friends and will do a little testing with it. I just started the RC download for 8.10 so I’ll be testing it a couple hours.

“Did someone say beta?” We’re also nearing the release of Fedora 10, a much anticipated release by those of us who are of the Red Hat persuasion. So Fedora 10 beta is out. Development for F10 is about to freeze so we’ll be getting a preview spin sometime in the first week of November. With the final due out during my vacation for my anniversary. I’m very much looking forward to this release and as such, you’ll probably be hearing more from me once the preview spin comes out.

11.1 Beta 3 is out for OpenSUSE. I’ve installed it but not done any testing yet. OpenSUSE’s roadmap takes the scenic route to the public release which is slated for the third week of December.

That’s the big three. Other distros are nearing release or have just recently released new versions. Many of these are based off of one of the major distros so their releases will inherently sync with the upstream distro.

  1. FreeBSD this week released a second beta for 7.1 in their “current” branch
  2. DreamLinux 3.5 RC 4
  3. SemplyMEPIS released the third beta for version 8.0 earlier this week
  4. LinuxMINT released the “fluxbox” spin for version 5
  5. PCLinuxOS just released 2009 beta 1
  6. Mandriva launched version 2009 earlier this month
  7. Debian (stable) released revision 5 of “etch” yesterday
  8. gOS released 3.0 a few weeks back.

CentOS, Slackware and Gentoo are about the only distros that didn’t pop up on the radar for release work. CentOS being RHEL is obvously tied to it’s schedule. Gentoo, one of my favorite off brand distros went through some growing pains with the last release (2008) and has changed the way they do releases.

See… this is why my download/iso server is so busy this time of year.

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