Desert Junkyard

Desert Junkyard Went out late tonight (early this morning) to take some star trail photos. Went southeast of boise to a place I’ve been on occasion.

Saw this car a few feet from where we parked and got the idea for this shot. the car and various other pieces of junk and trash have been shot thousands of times with shotguns.

a quick look through my truck, the only flash I had with me was one I just made out of a disposable camera an altoids tin and an optical slave.

This shot was looking back toward boise and the only lights around (aside from the occasional passing car).

XSi 30 second exposure, the altoids strobe was fired manually four times each from a slightly different angle. I kept the light in close in effort to attempt at making a circle of light around the car — appearing that a single ray of moonlight was lighting the car. did it work? you’re the judge.

p.s. I’ll upload a star trail or two and tell you the cop story sometime later today. I’m tired, it’s 3am, I’m going to bed. 🙂

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