Planning the summer

It’s still winter but as the snow storms are starting to let up a bit and a few warm days we’ve had in the last week or so, it’s making me start thinking about all the things on my list for this summer. Against the flow of traffcMost of the list revolves around photography. In 45 days Canon releases a new DSLR camera (the XSI) and I’ve got my name on one of them. I’ll post more about my decision to go with the XSI later. Finally getting away from film on my primary camera is going to be fun.

I’ve got quite the list of photo trips on the list for the summer, a couple of backpacking trips and hopefully another trip up to Glacier National Park. And oh, we might be moving. If we do move, its going to make for an extremely busy and hectic summer.

I’ve been working on several projects lately. The past week or so I’ve done some upgrades and streamlining my of my server network. Once that’s done tomorrow(ish), I’ll be working on the Boise ATC feed. It’s offline right now due to the remodel of the network room. I’ve also taken on a new website; the group is just getting started so it’s not much to look at yet Idaho Southern Baptist. Also, the Boise ATC feed will be getting a new frontend to it.





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