Kathryn Albertson Park

Kathryn Albertson's GooseJoy and I decided to take a walk this evening. It was such a nice late winter day today. The temp hit 52 and we went out for a bit. Kathryn Albertson Park is one of my favorite parks in the valley for photography. It’s not much this time of year but during spring this park is a constant photo op. A couple of my shots of Albertson’s park are on the Scmap.com page for the park.

As usual, geese have made the park a home for the winter. I carried my pocket Z1275 with me just in case, but didn’t plan on taking any pictures. As we walked by this rock in one of the ponds I couldn’t help but laugh, the goose was standing there mimicking the herring silhouette in the sign. In the summer there are lots of blue herrings in the park watching the lilies for fish, but right now, the place belongs to the geese. I did take a few pictures, but none summed up the evening like this one.
I’m always amazed at the mix of cameras and photographers I see in the park. In an urban park like this you can really see where the photographer may not match the camera and for that matter vise versa. I occasionally have to laugh at what I see and just keep walking. Sneaking in with a pocket camera is the way to go most of the time. Draws much less attention. Yes, I’ve taken my tripod and SLR and have some great shots from doing so, but no one watches you when you have a point and click (even if you’re like me and still run fully manual). But carry in a tripod, the 40D with the kit lens, a lens hood that’s two or three inches longer than your lens and never step off the concrete path? that’ll draw even my attention. 🙂

Regardless, we had a nice walk in the park. Joy even suggested we go back each week and document spring in the park. I’m tempted. What ya think? Click the photo for my flicker account to leave any comments.

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