New header image and Flickr uploads

I finally switched out the header image… it’s part of a panoramic stitch I did from Swiftcurrent Pass in Glacier National Park. Original.

I’ve also uploaded a few new photos to my flickr account. Most of this batch is lower resolution 35mm photo scans, some old, some new, nothing all that newsworthy. There are a few pictures from our trip to Stanley last November for our anniversary. Overall I was very disappointed with the shots I got while there. The lighting was horrible most of the trip, the rest of the trip it was snowing so hard you couldn’t see. I only took four rolls of photos and got a few good shots. I knew it was going that way as I was taking them, but hated to get the develops back and confirm it. Stanley is one of those places an idiot can take good photos, but the weather and lighting weren’t cooperating. I left my digital at home and just had the 35mm SLR, most of the shots I took I snapped just to use up the film I took with me, hoping some miracle would happen in the lens.

I think I’m finally ready to convert almost 100% to digital. I still love film and my 35mm SLR won’t be getting dusty anytime soon, but the more I use my Z1275 for stuff I have been using my 35mm for, the more I’m convinced. I love my Z1275 and won’t be giving it up anytime soon, it’s the perfect pocket camera. But I’m using it too much when I should be using an SLR, so it’s time.

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