I’ve been trying to keep the upcoming election’s politics out of my site for the past while (almost six months), one of the reasons is I get so sick of how early the media forgets about world events and starts the election coverage. That and how much really can one stand to listen to Hillary? A few months back I got a call alerting me to a guy named Mike Huckabee. I didn’t even know the name at the time but after I was told a little bit about him, I knew I’d like him. But through the course of the conversation we both decided he didn’t have a snowball’s chance of making it.

After the first debate and a few more public appearances we notice he was gaining some popularity. About this same time my view of Fred Thompson started dwindling. Don’t get me wrong, I still like Thompson, just not as a candidate… I like everything he says; he just doesn’t say anything anymore.

The more I watched and researched Huckabee the more I realized he was as close to my idea of a perfect candidate as possible. If he was a pilot and ham radio operator from Tennessee or Idaho and a University of Tennessee fan then he’d be perfect. But hey, he is a Southern Baptist Pastor.

Obviously Idaho doesn’t have much of an impact on picking the republican ticket but Huckabee is officially my pick. These days it looks like he’s got a strong following in the states that count, it looks like the snowball is gaining speed for Huckabee.

I encourage you to visit his site and read his bio, read his comments on current issues and watch a few of the videos.

I especially encourage everyone I know in Iowa (which actually is a large number of friends and family) to do so in the next twenty four hours and Caucus for Huckabee. 

Those of you here in or near Salmon, Idaho; click on the wanted poster on the right sidebar to invite him. Yes, I know it’s slim chances, but if you’ve read this far, you probably don’t have much better to do. 🙂

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