Z1275 Firmware 1.08 not what I was hoping for

Glacier MoonI’m annoyed. As I’ve previously mentioned I’m playing catch up on here and had totally missed that Kodak recently released a new firmware for the Z1275. Got an email about it and downloaded it a few minutes ago.

I’m annoyed. The change log simply states that this update improves operation above 95 degrees. Odd, I hadn’t noticed any problems at those temps… But what about the freaking video???

I have submitted another support request to Kodak. I know many of you have done the same without any useful reply. But I’m trying it again anyway. Hopefully they will reply with something other than a cut and paste response.

Here is the text of my request:

Countless Z1275 users (many of whom are emailing me due to my reviews posted online) are wondering when/if Kodak will be releasing a firmware update that will either fix the video stabilization issue or allow us to turn digital stabilization off. We’ve already seen two updates for this camera in the last six months but none have addressed the video issue. We would really love to have usable 720p video from this camera when not on a tripod. We all stand behind the camera and really love the quality of images taken by it (both stills and video) and would all appreciate some further explanation from kodak about the well documented problem. We are all getting tired of submitting requests here (contact us form) only to get a canned answer back that doesn’t even sound like the person read the question or understands what we are talking about. Please forward this up the chain till the right person can give us an intelligent explanation about when or if we’ll ever be able to use the z1275 for hand held video. If an upcoming firmware can fix it, when should we expect it? If it can’t be fixed in firmware, let us know, we can accept that, but would rather know now so we can stop checking the Kodak support site daily.

Thanks in advance
Zeb Palmer

When I get a response, I’ll post it here. (though I’m not holding my breath)

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