Lithium Batteries Banned From Checked Bags

I first wrote about the possibility of lithium battery restrictions back in August of 2006; Read it here.

So naturally when I saw the article on InformationWeek I immediately though “told ya so.” But I’m not the type of person to write an I told you so post. So instead I would ask you to read the article excerpt then I have one very simple question for you. Actually the NTSB but since I don’t think the NTSB reads here often, you’re the best person I have to ask.

“Starting Jan. 1, airline passengers will no longer be allowed to pack loose lithium batteries in checked luggage, the U.S. Transportation Department’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration warned late last week. Instead, passengers will be required to take loose batteries with them in carry-on baggage, packed in plastic bags. The new regulation, which will go into effect in order to lessen the risk of lithium battery fires, won’t apply to lithium batteries that are already installed in electronic devices, such as laptops, and cameras. Those can be checked in.

Additionally, only two spare rechargeable lithium batteries will be allowed on airplanes per passenger in carry-on bags.” — InformationWeek

So you are allowed two spare lithium batteries in carry on luggage. Get ready for my simple question.

What if your camera takes four batteries? Can you only carry half a spare set of batteries?

Anyway, this ban doesn’t surprise me and I can totally agree with it’s basis. Hence my previous, though somewhat sarcastic, post about dell laptops.

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