Christmas Movies, Remote Control Planes and Little Smokies

It’s been a great Christmas here. We’ve been watching movies, eating shrimp and way too many little smokies. I smell ham cooking too… Usually we’re going somewhere or doing something for Christmas but this year we’ve hardly left the house. We’ve been watching countless Christmas movies, they started last week but yesterday and today we’ve kept TV going with classic and newly classic Christmas movies. Last night one of my favorites was on the list, “Elf is one of my new favorites, one of the best Christmas movies to come out in years. We just finished Tim Allen’s “Santa Clause” one and two and probably will get three watched before the day is over. Still have to squeeze “Christmas Vacation” and “Miracle on 34th St” into the play list.

We almost went to see “National Treasure” 2 today. But as I was getting another stick of wood for the fire, I realized there was zero wind and not a cloud in the sky. So we opted on taking my Slow Stick remote control plane out for a flight. Being a “real scale” guy, RC is someone new to me but I’m getting there. Had two and a half successful flights with it today. We went just south of Kuna to a place I’ve had in mind for a while. My anemometer showed 3mph when we first got there. The first flight was ok, but short, the plane needed a little adjustment. The second flight was the best flight I’ve had with the thing so far. The wind was starting to pick up and at times I could make the Slow Stick hover into the wind. It was pretty chilly, just below freezing. As the battery started to lose power I few it down wind and turned toward me and into the wind for a landing. The field was sparse tall grass with a little snow but no hazards. There was just enough grass I wouldn’t be able to roll the landing more just plop it down.

As the plane aproached within ten or fifteen feet of me I cut power and watched it glide down for a perfect landing. A foot off the deck it stalled and plopped down, right into the only stick in sight. It was the trunk of a burnt sage brush, sticking two feet up from the ground and a couple inches round. It literally was the only hazard in sight, the place was so open and clear I didn’t even notice it till I hit it. No harm done, which is good, I didn’t have my repair kit or even extra props.

By the end of the second flight wind steady at 5mph and my battery needed a little top off. I also found a larger prop in my battery box so I put it on to give me a little extra thrust in the wind.

The third flight was doomed from the start. I couldn’t decide on whether to try a flight or not, the wind was starting to gust a bit. But average wind was still within reason, 3 mph as I recall. Once the battery had a charge on it, I walked out for one last flight. I waited for a lull in the wind before launching the plane. Due to the grass, these were all hand launches. It was the first time I’d used the bigger prop on this plane and was impressed with it’s get up and go. Unfortunately as I felt the plane leave my hand there was a big gust of wind which caught under one wing and I didn’t have time to react. (ailerons would have helped) So that nice larger prop made the plane hit the ground much faster! Oh well, it just broke a previous injury which is already repaired with a bit of CA.

I’m headed to the hobby shop in the next day or so for a larger engine so I can mount my Lipo battery and my new ESC and fly them next week.

enough for now.

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