New server on the way, other upgrades

It’s continuing to be a very busy couple of months here. I’ve got a million projects going on. One project is bringing up a new server. My current primary web server is an intel based HP box, nothing all that special. It stays pretty busy but my loads stay under 1.0 usually around a 0.5 which isn’t bad at all. However there are a few things that are encouraging the upgrade. First, my wife is planning to launch a site here in the next month or so that will be database heavy and could attract a good deal of traffic. That’s a large part of my drive to upgrade.

The other main drive is consolidation. The current primary web server hasn’t been shutdown or rebooted in just over a year, that was for a ram upgrade and kernel rebuild. In addition, I have a few other boxes running other services, namely my secondary web server which isn’t an impressive box but doesn’t run that many sites or services. I also I have box dedicated to the Voice of Idaho website. I’ve done the calculations and some figuring. Given the server loads and specs on all of my web servers and a few non web services I can combine three web servers into one and have less load than any of them have now.

So what will replace the current primary server? Lol… my current gaming computer. I built this computer from scratch a while back to be a nice gaming box. Its an AMD 64bit box with plenty of ram and other goodies such as a mirrored RAID array. Of course I will take out the video cards and such, but it should make a nice server. It’ll be running 64bit CentOS (red hat enterprise linux).

The current secondary box will be setup as a warm standby server. Two other web servers will be retired and used for other projects.

The main spark to all this is I’m getting a new intel quad core machine to replace my current primary desktop computer. Note to my fellow AMD fans… No, I’m not giving up AMD. I know I’ve mentioned that my primary web server is intel well, getting this new intel quad core will exactly double the intel CPUs I operate.     I’m getting this quad core through a special deal. I can’t disclose all the details but it’s a brand new Quad Core and motherboard for next to nothing. I mean seriously, nothing. Throw some ram and a video card in it, and I’ve got a new flight simulator.

I’ll show pictures of the build once I’ve UPS brings me everything. Then maybe some benchmarks on the stock system.

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