Playing Catch-up, Kodak Z1275 part 3 eta, etc…

First a quick apology… Most of you have noticed that I’ve been silent here for quite some time. I could go into the countless reasons, but suffice it to say over the last two months I’ve had a series of events come up that has pulled me away from this and all my other sites. I am playing catchup responding to emails, comments and such. It’ll take me a day or two to fully catch up but I am back and sorry about leaving you all hanging on the Z1275 review. During the time I’ve been absent from the site I have had the chance to use the camera a couple of time, but for the most part I’ve been working like crazy.

I’ve got to update wordpress to the new release which will require me importing tags and updating several plugins, but when I get that done on my site and my wife’s site I should be back to finish cleaning up after my absence.

I’m still getting several emails per day on so I’ll get it posted asap (I’ll have to dust it off), then I’ve got a few open source topics I want to cover in the near future.

Lastly, did you see gmail now has IMAP support?  I just finished setting all my pop3 accounts to go into my gmail account so I can use IMAP to sync everything.. AWESOME!!!

Again, sorry for being absent. If you’ve commented, or emailed, you should see a reply in the next couple of days.

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