A few updates; and netflix bash script

I’ve been working on several projects today. Primarily I am working on part three of my Kodak Z1275 review which by the way is taking longer than I expected. I’m hoping to have it finished by late tomorrow. I was hoping for yesterday but it’s a tad late for that. It is taking much longer than I expected to get all the sample pictures read

I started another project I’ve been wanting to complete. It’s a linux Bash script that I’ve been wanting to iron out. I got just about done with it an hour ago and ran if several times after a minor change and it broke. Well, I thought it broke. The script pulls in RSS data from my netflix queue and recommendtion and works some magic on them. I spent almost an hour trying to debug my script and couldn’t figure out why it broke when it broke. Turns out the Netflix website is down for scheduled maintenance.

Anyway… once I get done with this review I’m working on a few other articles. One of my primary focuses right now is CW2 (“Cold War 2”). Hope to have that up by next week.

Ok, back to the review.

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