Yaesu ATAS 120 Antenna (unfixed)

Some of you may remember this post about me fixing my ATAS 120… Yeah, well, that didn’t last long.

It works better, but the thing is already starting to die on the lower bands again. Twenty meters seems to be working ok still, and everything above is tuning fine. But 40 meters is near impossible, and if it does tune, if you breath on the thing it’ll lose it. I’m tired of taking the thing apart only to make it work for a few days or a month at best.

I’ve had a couple people suggest a grounding issue; yes that’s the first thing I thought a way back when I first started having troubles with it. But the troubles were sudden, and nothing changed in the grounding I’ve done. I’ve double checked all grounds and bonds and nothing is out of the norm. Second, when I’ve taken it apart, I haven’t changed any of the grounding and it starts working for a while. Lastly, I have a mulitband tuned counterpoise (40m-6m) that I use portable and stationary mobile sometimes. If it were a gound issue I would expect to see *some* (at least minor) improvement when using that counterpoise attached to the mount point of the antenna. I’ve also tried several sorts of baluns/ununs/chokes just for kicks. At one point I thought the new choke was helping but it was my imagination.

My experiences aren’t uncommon for this antenna apparently. Thankfully I don’t have money invested in it, it was a package deal with a radio I bought.

I guess I’ll be saving money for a new antenna; probably a tarheel or similar. we’ll see.

I’ll probably be on 20m or 17m for my coming trip to Glacier, M since 40m mobile isn’t going to happen. I’ll post freqs next week.

de w7atc/m

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