Sunset Trip Around Mores Mountain

The wife and I have been taking as many hikes as possible in the few weeks and we plan to continue in the next two weeks in preparation for our trip to Glacier National Park. We’ll be in Glacier for four hiking days and I have three trips planned. We don’t be backpacking, these will be out and back hikes from our camp in Many Glacier, MT.

Yesterday we went up to Mccall for a trip down into Goose Creek to see the falls there. (I’m a sucker for a hike to a waterfall) It was a perfect hike… It was pretty short at just one and a half miles in, but it is down into a canyon (which is the easy part) and of course followed by the seemingly never ending one and a half mile climb back out of the canyon. But considering we were under time restraints it was perfect. There were some really cool pictures to be had down there. I even made a trip to the store to buy some fresh AA batteries. But we got to the falls, I put the batteries in, turned on the camera and it promptly told me “No Memory Card.” I had transfered a bunch of images off the card the day before and neglected to take the card out of the computer.

Tonight we went up to Shafer Butte to the campground for a short hike at the Mores Mountain Trail. Sunset Loop on Mores MountainWe started one hour before sunset in hopes of making it around the east portion before it got dark and over to the west side to watch the sunset from one of the large rock outcrops or cliffs. Since it somewhat cloudy we ended up staying on the west side for the first and last part but making the loop around the peak before stopping at the cliffs on the way back down. I took my digital camera (which is soon to be replaced) and snapped a few shots. Some turned out pretty good for this low quality digital. I really should have had my 35mm Rebel with the way the colors on everything were extremely vivid as the angle of the sun changed. I love that hike when the flowers are blooming, the vegetation is getting pretty thick in places, more cross country than a trail hike in places. I’ve got a new digital camera on order, it’s a 12 megapixel and HighDef video camera, the Mores Mountain Loop will probably be it’s first test before our trip to glacier. If it does well, I may not take my 35mm film camera. We’ll see. The picture above was taken tonight on my old digital, it’s the sunset from the southwest portion of the trail. The trail at this location goes right between the rock and the tree.

Assuming my new camera gets here in time, I’ll write up a review (since no one else has on the net apparently) and show some photos from another sunset trip around Mores Mountain.

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