Red Mountain Photos

Yesterday my wife and I took a hike up Red Mountain near Lowman. It was an awesome hike! With views of the White Cloud and Sawtooth Mountain ranges in the distance and 26 (counted) species of wildflowers closer, it was a hike I’ll always remember.

The trail we took was about 7 miles round trip to the summit of Red Mountain. We got a late start and weren’t able to reach the top due to rapidly approaching darkness. We did make it VERY close. We were about a quarter of a mile from the top somewhere around 200 vertical feet left to climb. But we just didn’t have time. The trail climbs 2400 feet or so up from the Red Mountain trail head in only 3.5 miles, so we were a bit tired to.

Of course we had flashlights, but we both using them to hike. Especially the top section of the trail which had lots of rocks and roots. We made it back to the truck around 10:15, five more minutes and we would have needed to use those flashlights. Glad we turned around when we did.

We do plan to go back in the next few weeks, sometime after our Glacier trip. When we do, I’ll get a bit more of a trail guide written up. It’s one I’d suggest.

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