Kodak Z1275 First Impression

DHL delivered my new camera this morning. I bought a Kodak Z1275 on Thursday and I just finished unboxing it and taking a few test shots around the house. I promise to write up a more detailed review later in the week but I must say; I like it.If this camera lives up to the specs on paper, It will become very popular, very fast. It’s a new product and very few people have written about it online, even the “digital camera reviews” websites out there haven’t got anything about it. Which may be a good thing. I’ve been looking for a compact digital to carry hiking, biking, hunting and everywhere else I don’t want to carry my 35mm SLR. I’ve picked out several cameras before but would read one slightly critical review and it’d make me change my mind. There aren’t any reviews on this one to change my mind.

Sporting 12 mega-pixels, 5x optical zoom, 720p video mode and a ton of features under the hood, like I said, if the thing lives up to the specs, it’ll be an awesome little camera.

I’m going on a hike later today and probably a trip up to the Mores Mountain trail tomorrow for another sunset loop hike. If I get enough shots with it in the next couple days; I’ll get a review up before my Glacier trip. Otherwise it’ll be the week after Glacier as I go through all my images.

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