SOHO Linux Firewall Setup

It’s late… I’ve been working on a firewall for a client over the past few days. Based on their specific needs and budget I’ve decided to go with a modified IPcop setup. I’m working with a test box here and will be deploying it next week. It’s been a while since I’ve used IPcop for much of anything, usually I roll my own, but there have been some nice changes and additions since I last used it.

Part of me putting this together is the documentation. I actually love writing documentation for things like this… I know, yes, I’m weird. Anyway, I’ve gone through the install process countless times over the past several days working through various scenarios and issues and making documentation, both for myself and the client (i.e. disaster recovery). At this point I’m going doing the install, configuration and modification straight off of what I’ve written. That’s the point I both love and hate about writing docs.

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