HF APRS on the air

Occasionally I run APRS (automatic position reporting system) on VHF Ham Radio. If you’re not familiar with APRS it takes a gps signal and formulates it into a packet and transmits it via radio to be picked up by other stations and or gateways which put the packet onto an internet server for all to see. Most APRS traffic runs on VHF so it’s range is limited to VHF propagation. Digital packet repeaters (digipeaters) work the same way as normal VHF repeaters do except they’re smarter and on the same simplex frequency. Anyway, I don’t do a ton of APRS cause there aren’t to many digipeaters out in the boonies where I’d want to use it anyway. Lately though, I’ve decided to start using APRS on the 30m HF band I finished rewiring my APRS equipment to run on my truck’s HF systems.

I fought with the wiring just a bit, but today I finally got everything up and running. The big test will be this weekend I’ll be spending the next four days where there isn’t any VHF APRS infrastructure. So aside from when I’m using my HF on voice or psk31 I’ll be on 30m APRS. Should get my position in there every hour or so. The time between transmissions varies with my speed but should hit the system at least once an hour. Click the link below to see my position (see the time it was received at the very top of the page)

W7ATC’s Last Known Position

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