SW40+ repairs

My order from Mouser arrived today as did the rest of my order… I guess I really was asleep when I made the order. The diodes I ordered to replace the blown one in my SW40 weren’t the ones I intended to order. I mistakenly ordered surface mount diodes. Hmm… Well it did fit, I’ll probably replace it later but aside from being surface mount it’s the right one and it did set nicely on the pads.

The RF output is still to low. I had noticed it was a little low before the diode blew me searching for the problem was probably what made it pop. Guess I better pull out the scope and start tracing some paths. Visually everything is good, but who knows. Could be a shorted cap.

In other Ham Radio QRP news, I’ve found my next project. I’m going to work on a qrp tuner and swr meter in an altoids tin. I’m combining some circuits from various places, nothing new in design but a nice package for my portable station.

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