SW40+ More parts on order

I just sent in an order to Dans Small Parts for parts for various qrp projects that I’m working on. One of which is a new final for my smoked SW40+. I’m hoping to get the thing back up and running soon.

I’ve been back in antenna mode lately. I’m working on a 40m vertical for backpacking something small and lightweight that can be attached with my fishing pole to my backpack but quickly deployed when I’m on top of a mountain eating lunch. Here in the rockies finding a trees on top that can hold your dipole or longwire isn’t always possible; so I’m building various forms of a self supporting base loaded vertical. Which also means I need to build a new QRP tuner. Which sums up the rest of my Dans Order and another mouser order.

It’ll still be a while before the snow is off my backpacking trails till then my picnic table setup (Yaesu 897) will be getting a workout.

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