What does groundhog meat taste like

For those of you who don’t read my site often I must preface this post by telling you two things;

1) I’m addicted to Google Analytics and enjoy looking to see how readers found my site (i.e. google search terms).

2) Groundhog day is my favorite “holiday.”

So while I was looking over my last weeks worth of search terms I came across something that surprised me. I’m not often surprised by search terms cause there are some odd ones like “Dallas Fort Worth Traffic” which got someone here last week. But no, this search phrase surprised me; “what does groundhog meat taste like?”

Excuse me?

As an avid hunter, fisherman and all around outdoor enthusiast… I’ve tasted a lot of different animals. And being from Tennessee I’ve sure shot my fair share of groundhogs, there a pest, much like gophers here in Idaho and prairie dogs elsewhere in the states. But seriously, groundhog meat?

There have been some meats that surprised me over the years but there are some animals that shouldn’t cross that line. Jackrabbits, Coyote, Pigeon and… oh, Groundhog.

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