Fedora 7

It’s no secret that out of all the Linux distros I use, Red Hat/Fedora is what I keep coming back to for bread and butter systems. I’m extremely excited and anxiously awaiting a preview of Fedora core 7. At the rate linux distros are going I can’t wait to see where we can be later this year. I just read a note from the fedora-dev list which notes a few interesting things about Fedora core 7. Here’s what I find interesting in no order.

  • Core and Extras are being merged into one big happy family!
  • New Pungi tool to spin all releases
  • LiveCDs will be a part of the release path
  • Quicker boot and shutdown
  • Enchanced wireless support and function for most chipsets
  • CodecBuddy
  • Encrypted Filesystem support
  • Tickless kernel
  • Nouveau drivers (nVidia)
  • Faster Yum/RPM
  • Syslog-ng

Obviously that isn’t everything. I’ll be riding the torrent on Jan 30th to download and install Fedora 7 test 1, I expect good things as first runs go.

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