Addicted to Google Analytics

I must admit I’m a little, shall we say, addicted to google analytics. If you run a blog, website or anything of the sort and you think you’re seeing stats now. Try analytics. First of all it’s such a great interface, and incredibly simple. I no longer run any tracking on my servers aside from error logs.

But the downside from being able to manipulate the data into showing you want ever metric you want to see and being able to do this from a nice gui from anywhere in the world is that if I’m near a computer, I can’t help myself. Seriously, I check it more than or Digg or slashdot or any of those sites that I always check.

Really, it’s a good thing they don’t have private rss feeds for some of your more popular stats and sites. Let me rephrase that, I wish they did, it would be awesome; but I’m kinda glad they don’t.

May webmasters will tell you that their mood is somewhat effected by their server stats. That’s the case for all my websites, but more so with this one. See this isn’t just any website. It’s the page where I put all my thoughts and commentary for all to read. And when people read it, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I check at least twice daily, the first being around 8pm which shows me about midnight to noon of that day. Then again the next morning after all the stats have filtered in and I get a complete picture of the previous day. Though in the mornings I usually stick with just reading the stats from the previous day as they stand alone. The nightly dose of Analytics being the larger, checking week, month, three month and six month rolling stats. Checking all those referrals, keywords and such can really tell you a lot.

Overall this has been a very good month for Zeb Palmer Writes… and for the most part I’ve been in a good mood because of it. But occasionally there are ‘those’ posts that are real surprises.

Many of the posts that I lump into the ‘surprise’ category are from previous episodes/versions/mutations of “Zeb Palmer Writes…” or the days of the soapbox list or site. One of the more recent posts was the Teton Dam Posts. Those turned out to attract a lot of visitors, actually, those two posts continue to be my most consistant visits. Ofcourse I don’t write this site to attract visitors. hmm, well, maybe not. If no one came to it, I would probably still write it, just more for me as a journal. It’s interesting going back and looking at sites.

Last night’s Halo 3 post was a bit of a surprise. I didn’t expect the onslaught of readers after I posted three screenshots I pulled from the new H3 commercial. The number of readers for that post were 20 times that of normal. Pretty impressive for the first 24 hours of a post.

This does however reinforce the notion that sites of this style (you know I hate the b word – bl*g) are a true realtime media. When you filter in technorati, google blog search and the likes, bl*gging is a realtime mass desimination media. I won’t call it journalistic, but more realtime than most journalistic websites.

Better get back to my analytics of google analytics.

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