– Is Oracle about to destroy Red Hat?

Hmm, just read a story on that expands on my previous post about the new love/war relationship between Oracle and Red Hat. – Is Oracle about to destroy Red Hat?

The future for Red HatAnother fear from the OSS point of view is that this could set a precedent — not only does the move mean customers are locked into Oracle’s database and OS stranglehold, Oracle could eventually swallow Red Hat.

If the open source software (OSS) company doesn’t drown, Oracle looks likely to swallow a significant chunk of Red Hat’s revenues. And at some point in the future, Oracle could, should it so choose, acquire the weakened software development house for way less than it would pay today. Surround and conquer, would appear to be the modus operandi.

It would be a particularly juicy prize from Oracle’s point of view, as buying Red Hat would also mean getting its hands on middleware vendor JBoss, which Red Hat bought earlier this year. This is a fast-growing market, and one in which Oracle badly wants a bigger stake. At the time, observers pointed out that the JBoss purchase put Red Hat in competition with a number of other software vendors with whom it previously enjoyed a previously harmonious relationship.

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