Red Hat without strings

As much as the recent Oracle announcement about supporting red hat shook up the linux culture, the Novell Microsoft handshake has blown it out of the water. There have been a few other things happen since that announcement that have caused a change of tune in many of us.

Just days ago we were all asking what Red Hat did to deserve an open assault from Oracle and possibly Novell and Microsoft.Perhaps all that consternation was a tad premature. After all, the Novell and Microsoft pact on Linux isn’t what it’s cracked up to be and the two sides are already bickering. Novell even penned an open letter on its rift with Microsoft. So much for a hastily arranged reactive partnership.
Hold that Red Hat obit | Between the Lines |

We all know I’m a huge Red Hat guy, but I was worried there for a bit. At this point, I’m still cautious about future Oracle actions but for now, I think Red Hat is in a pretty good seat. As many of the linux giants cut deals and mergers, I think Red Hat will have the chance to shine as the Linux giant who has always been about linux. Lets hope that is enough to keep them relavent. Oh, wait, they have that whole “best linux distro out there” thing going on. Do they need more?

To stay relavent? no.

To prevent a hostile takeover? yes.

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