GOP Bloggers :: Tom Coburn Nails It

GOP Bloggers :: Tom Coburn Nails It
The Republican Party now has an opportunity to rediscover its identity as a party for limited government, free enterprise and individual responsibility.

I won’t summarize the above; go to the link and read it. I did start to write a quick reply there and it turned out not so short. I don’t think the comment form liked me either; not sure if it’ll turn up on the GOP bloggers site or not.  here it is for your reading enjoyment.

before I comment, let me just say; we in Idaho, did our part.

If you look around the country you’ll notice almost all of the races were closer than normal. Heck, even here in idaho there for about 10 minutes we thought Sali might not win our house seat. Seriously though, everything was a close race. for the most part the democrats who were taking over republican seats weren’t your radical dems; most were just to the left of center. While alot of the republicans were to the right of right.

history shows the second term’s midterm election almost always swings the ‘other’ way. Most of us expected it to do so; When we look at the numbers of seats lost in the house and senate… it has the appearance of landslide loss. But look at the percentage of the individual races and you’ll see a far different story. At that level, races were decided by single digit percentages which shows it was a tight healthy race. I expected to see double digit losses in more places than we did. Now that the liberal voters have gotten ‘it; out of their systes; should be one heck of a race in 08.

Lame duck aside, we still control THE house, the WHITE HOUSE that is. 😉

Oh and enjoy the break from political ads… if this race had that much ‘energy’ the ads for pres in 08 must be starting next week.

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